Incorrect Lyrics Page
Well before I ever heard of Doctor Demento or Weird Al, I saw parody lyrics in Mad Magazine and started writing them myself soon after. That continued into the 2000s, off and on, mostly off. I stopped adding to this page when I started playing in bands. I felt it was disrespectful to the original artists. Of course, I must not feel too strongly about it. Rather than being removed from the site, it received extensive renovations in 2023.

All lyrics by MX Bob or Boris Of Bass (depending on which persona was dominant) unless otherwise noted. The song title next to the links are the original songs.

It's a Dog's Life

Whole Lotta Lito
 (Whole Lotta Rosie)

Be a Good Girl (Low)

Carnivore (Carnival)

Motocross Songs

Riding Wild
 (Running Wild)

I Love Racing Motocross (Electric Eye)

Also Ran (Piano Man)

This is the Track I Love (This Ain't the Summer of Love)

Loose Wheel (Lucille)

They Call it Motocross (Rodeo, the Garth Brooks one)

Christmas Carols
The office complex where I worked in the late 90s had a parody Christmas Carol contest. A vocalist and an accompanist would perform the songs. I won the first year by aiming pretty low, so the next year I went to the gutter right from the start, and placed first and second.

This section rated BT for Bad Taste. May bring back bad memories or trigger disturbing mental images.

Christmas Rage
 (Jingle Bells)

It's a Jerry Springer Christmas (Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas)

Santa the Drunken Wino (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

Talking on a 1-900 Line (Walking in a Winter Wonderland)

Uncle Joe (Let it Snow)

Close to Home

Ode to the RABEFL
 (Fire Lake)

Good Story, Bad Ending (A Tribute to the 1998 Vikings) (Pinball Wizard)

Jesse the Body (Frosty the Snowman)

Living on board Land (Allentown)

Programmer's Paradise (Gangsta's Paradise)

Sweet Home Minnesota (Sweet Home Alabama)

Life's Frustrations

Pizza at Sbarro
 (Whiskey in the Jar)

Goodbye Enormous Jeans (Candle in the Wind)

Just Another A%*hole In a Pick-up Truck (Original)

Rogaine (Cocaine)

Famous and Infamous

Bad, Bad Leroy Hoard
 (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown)

Apartheid Lover (Part-Time Lover)

Miss Missouri (Miss Misery)

The Ballad of Ted Bundy (Young Lust)

The Last Flight of John Denver (Gilligan's Island Theme)

TV and Movies

Living After Dying
 (Living After Midnight)

I'm in a Highlander Clan (American Band)

Ode to Hank Hill (Lit Up)

Now That's Unexpected (Dead Flowers)

My Friend Homer (Original)