Incorrect Lyrics Page
These are primarily parody lyrics for other songs, a hobby I had since Mad Magazine would do it way back when. As I have started trying to make music myself, I have stopped adding to this page. I feel itís disrespectful to the original artists. Of course, I must not feel real strongly about it, or I wouldn't have moved the section to this web site.

All lyrics by MX Bob unless otherwise noted. The song title next to the links are the original songs.

Motocross Songs
Also Ran (Piano Man)
I Love Racing Motocross (Electric Eye)
Loose Wheel (Lucille)
Riding Wild (Running Wild)
This is the Track I Love (This Ain't the Summer of Love)
They Call it Motocross (Rodeo, the Garth Brooks one)

It's a Dog's Life
Be a Good Girl (Low)
Carnivore (Carnival)
Whole Lotta Lito (Whole Lotta Rosie)

Famous and Infamous
Apartheid Lover (Part-Time Lover)
Bad, Bad Leroy Hoard (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown)
Miss Missouri (Miss Misery)
The Ballad of Ted Bundy (Young Lust)
The Last Flight of John Denver (Gilligan's Island Theme)

Close to Home
Good Story, Bad Ending (A Tribute to the 1998 Vikings) (Pinball Wizard)
Jesse the Body (Frosty the Snowman)
Living on board Land (Allentown)
Ode to the RABEFL (Fire Lake)
Programmer's Paradise (Gangsta's Paradise)
Sweet Home Minnesota (Sweet Home Alabama)

Life's Frustrations
Goodbye Enormous Jeans (Candle in the Wind)
Just Another A%*hole In a Pick-up Truck (Original)
Pizza at Sabarro's (Whiskey in the Jar)
Rogaine (Cocaine)

TV and Movies
Iím in a Highlander Clan (American Band)
Living After Dying (Living After Midnight)
Ode to Hank Hill (Lit Up)

Christmas Carols
Christmas Rage (Jingle Bells)
It's a Jerry Springer Christmas (Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas)
Santa the Drunken Wino (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)
Talking on a 1-900 Line (Walking in a Winter Wonderland)
Uncle Joe (Let it Snow)