Another MX Bob Lyric - The Ballad of Ted Bundy
(sung to the tunes of Empty Spaces and Young Lust by Pink Floyd)

What shall I use
to fill the empty spaces
Where my soul used to be?
How shall I feel
some sort of pleasure?
How can I be gratified?


I am just a pyschopath
drowning in my sin
Where are all the young girls?
Who's gonna trust this stranger again?

Ooooh, I need a bloody woman.
Ooooh, I need a bloody gal.

Some dead young woman in the back of my van
makes me feel like a real man
Now I'm a murderous refugee
Oooh, jailer set me free

Ooooh, I need a midnight pardon
Ooooh, I need the governor's call
(Repeats after guitar solo)

(Phone rings..Clunk of receiver being lifted)
  Governor's Office
  Yes, a collect call for the Governor from Ted Bundy
  Will you accept the charges from Death Row?
(clunk! of phone being put down)
  Oh, He hung up! He's expecting this call, right?
  I wonder why he hung up?
  Is there supposed to be your lawyer there to answer?
(Phone rings again...clunk of receiver being picked up)
  Governor's Office
  This is Death Row calling, are we reaching...
(interrupted by phone being put down)
  See he keeps hanging up, and it's an aide answering.
(whirr of connection being closed)