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If you're looking for information about the book Pioneers of Minnesota Motocross, the Minnesota Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame, or Tall Tales, they can be found at
Welcome to main lobby of the Cyber Museum, founded in 2017.The Wings can be accessed by clicking on the images or links below.

In Memory

A home for the memories of people that Ive known and cared about who are no longer with us.

Trails / Hiking

This is a central location for my hiking photo-journals, and photos from national parks.

Incorrect Lyrics

These are primarily parody lyrics, a hobby that I have had since I first saw them in Mad Magazine back when I was a young, impressionable child. The skill, if you can call it that, stayed with me into adulthood.
Disclaimer: Lyrics were harmed in the making of these pages.

Boris Of Bass

I have been playing music with others since about 2009 (the second time around). I've been very fortunate to have been in bands and worship teams with talented musicians and people I genuinely enjoyed spending time with. This wing is mostly photos from Arizona gigs.
---------- Classic

For those who want to get a glimpse of the glory days, or to read old race stories from the 2000s, this section of the site is a preservation of that important history. The content having to do with Minnesota Amateur Motorcycle racing stopped being current in 2010.
---------- Archive

The author ran a fantasy football league from 1993-2007. The first several years pre-dated all the fancy tools currently available. The "fantasy" part was taken to the next level with the game reports often including stories of angry players on the bench, fighting mascots, fake quotes from team owners, and fictional home fields. Sadly, because of the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2003, only the last four years of those stories live on, but all of the year-by-year History, and the Lifetime Stats for every RABEFL team owner, are on display for the 17 people who may care.