Another MX Bob Lyric - Living After Dying
(sung to the tune of Living After Midnight by Judas Priest)

Living after dying
Feeling rather dawn
My skin's starting to rot now
and begining to smell
to smell

I was alive just a late last night
I was living
and breathing
Then this blue ghoul bit a chunk out of my arm
and I was bleeding
I thought I'd die but instead I turn blue
and bring new meaning to the question can I eat you

Living after dying
Wondering all around
I can't stop this drooling
Just want to chow down
chow down

I don't go out until it gets dark
I'm just sleeping
or something
With other zombies, I'll go visit a home
to terrorize
the residents
They shoot their guns, but yet we don't stop
A bunch of the others are starting to drop

Living after dying
Feeling little pain
Can't think very clearly
What's wrong with my brain?
my brain

I'm cruizing around now
I must eat flesh now
I'll keep on feeding
till I get decapatated somehow

(guitar solo)

I think I'll go to a shopping mall
The food court
Eat people
But there's these guys there waiting for me
Guns loaded
An ambush
My body explodes as I am found in their sights
Looks like there will be no more feeding nights

Dying after Dying
Body parts all around
Look like this is the end now
I'm gone
I'm gone