Another MX Bob Lyric - My Friend Homer
(sung to a simple melody in my head, feel free to make up your own)

Verse 1:
This life can be confusing
It's hard to know where to turn
But every night on TV
I can watch and learn
Springfield's animated friends
are waiting there to see
But it's the three-haired yellow man
Who really speaks to me

Verse 2:
We hit it off from the start
Really saw things eye to eye
He was talking about failure
and how the first step is to try
I've been saying that for years
But no one would agree
Now in this cartoon guy
Could be a true friend for me

Chorus 1:
Homer Simpson
He's my friend
I'm sure he'll be there
through thick and thin
Homer Simpson
He shows me
next week will be fine
living his reality

(Lead over verse )

Verse 3:
He was telling me his problems
and their relation to alcohol
He said booze was both the solution
and the cause of them all
Another time, a guy fell down
Homer laughed hysterically
Then shared this pearl of wisdom
“It's funny because it's not me”

Chorus 2:
Homer Simpson
He's so smart
Not nerdy like Lisa
More cunning like Bart
Homer Simpson
He shows me
How to be a dad and raise a family

(Lead over two verses)

Last Verse:
I've lived by Homer's guidelines
But somehow always fail
My wife has long since left me
And both my kids are in jail
I don't see the show these days
Because I don't get Fox
In my new alley home
A sturdy cardboard box

Last Chorus:
Homer Simpson
What does this mean?
Your words of wisdom
They're now mocking me

Homer, Homer
How could I have foreseen
That life's important answers
Aren't found on a TV screen

Homer Simpson
How can that be?
Your words weren't wisdom
They're just parody

Homer, Homer
How could I have ever foreseen
That life's important answers
Aren't found on a TV screen

(Instrumental Out over 1-n verses)