Another MX Bob Lyric - Ode to the RABEFL
(sung to the tune of Fire Lake by Bob Seeger)
Note - If you don't know what the RABEFL is, this song probably won't make much sense to you.

Who's gonna draft
that first round kicker?

Who's gonna make
that first mistake?

Who’ll make the first
Darren Nelson reference? ha

Odds are he’s from Prior Lake

Then there was the draft
that included Drunken Dave
You remember Drunken Dave
He was the one who bellowed
in Rick’s garage

Will anyone tell
poor clueless Mark-ee, yea
“Your pick’s out for the year”
"My pick’s out for the year?"

Who wants to brave
those rookie players
there in the third round?

With their great college stats
Young legs flying as they run

Oh, they look so good
there on your list
and your pick is coming up soon
Til you look straight up and say,
oh, lord
Drafted Lobster Boy too fast!

Who wants to draft
a Viking way too early?

Who wants a drink?
Who needs a smoke?

Who wants to take
a senseless gamble?, yo

Could he be from Prior Lake?

head’s in
Who mentally in Prior Lake?
head out
Who wants to go to Prior Lake?

bad rhyme
Who just caught a Flyer Snake?
bad rhyme, worse rhyme
Who wants to eat some dire cake?
Out in Prior Lake

Who's gonna do it?
Who's going to draft that third-string stiff?
Who's gonna do it?
Who’s going to take too long to pick?
Who's gonna do it?
Who's gonna do it, yeah, (yeah, yeah fade out)