In Memory home page

This section was added as a place to keep memories of people I've known that are no longer with us. If you knew anyone here and have photos or stories to share, please do. The more there is to remember, the better.


Mary Agnes (Wolfe) Chase

Earl Chase

Ed Wolfe

Bess (Chase) Lorence

Tom Wolfe

Leo Wolfe

Bob Wolfe

Joel Kolbensvik

Edward "Caith" Reilly


Pat Shields

Paul Spears

Sheila Brunsberg

Ross Thompson

MN Hall of Fame Members
Minnesota has had some great motorcycle riders through the years, as celebrated in the Minnesota Minnesota Motorcycle Hall of Fame, but sadly, not all of them are still with us.

Donny Schmit

Tom Severson


Pet Cemetery
I hesitated to put this section on the same page as people. Much as I liked the mammals we've let live in our house over the years, I wouldn't put their loss at the same level as any person I've known and cared about. So with no disrespect to anyone on this page, here are a few furry roommates I remember fondly.





Monark aka Monnie

The Edina Crew