Another MX Bob Lyric - Apartheid Lover
(sung to the tune of Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder)

Stuck in the past
is this old mind
He so longs for
a certain time
He keeps living in the past
this Apartheid lover

"de Klerk was wrong
What did he do?
He gave it back
I’m telling you"
It all seems true
to this Apartheid lover

"We did rule although
we’re the minority
Bad for them
Really good for me
This is a different day
with scary nights
Can’t we just go back
to when things were right?"

His ancestors
they were in charge
The diamond lords
were living large
Like Europe at the Cape
for Apartheid lovers

There was a price
A price to pay
Horrible acts
were every day
Has that just left your memory?
you Apartheid lover

"We did rule although
we’re the minority
Sometimes it took
a little tyranny
Now you see with self-rule
there is a plague
Do they have freedom
or just a new cage?

Now those Jo’Burg streets
they’re out of control
It’s only safe
behind this ten foot wall
You see violent crime
It has no end
We were just doing
what was best for them"

So then he runs
so far away
from city’s crime
the bush, he’ll stay
With people just like him
Yes, Apartheid lovers

And now he asks
for a homeland
a little spot
for all his clan
I guess that the tables have turned
for Apartheid lovers

By themselves
Apartheid lovers
In their compound
Apartheid lovers


This song is based on a interview with a guy I saw on TV. The quoted opinions expressed in this song are not necessarily those of, MXB Productions, MX Bob Publishing, The Durban Chamber of Commerce, or nearly anyone else.