Usery Mountain Park Trails
This is the fairly well known Pass Mountain Trail, also called the Pass Mountain Loop. From the Wind Cave Trailhead (another trail in the Usery Mountain Recreation Area) parking lot, you catch a loop that is 7.5 miles long. The elevation change and rockiness is not as challenging as most of the Superstition trails, but a good workout none the less, with some nice views as the pay-off.

This last page is a hike I took starting from another place you can get to the trail from. There is a small paking lot where Meridian dead ends to the north. It is east of the loop. I know where it is now, but finding the spot where it cuts over to the trail is not easy the first time. On this day I got turned around, and with no sun to help me navigate, started heading north and then almost due east. Thinking I was going west and would find a place to cut over to the trail eventually, I was actually getting further away, heading towards the Superstitions (as I figured out later). It was an interesting hike for a while, but then the trail got so indistinct that I was concerned about being able to find my way back, so I turned around and went back to my car.