In Memory - Scully

Scully Dana Duchovknee, affectionately known as the defective border collie, passed away January 3, 2005 after a brief illness. She was nine years old. Her ever-alert, some what bizarre, behavior, endeared herself to (or art least amused) everyone she met. As a puppy though, she was quite a handful, inspiring the dark parody, "Be a Good Girl".

Although never able to actually encounter a sheep, she kept her herding instinct in check by herding balls, coffee tables, shaken orange juice containers, and washing machines. She masked her near constant medical problems very well, always giving everything she had, continuing to add new inanimate objects to her list of things to herd. Her energy and gentle manner will be missed by all that knew her.

Her Famous Photo

Although it appears that she is standing still in this photo, if you look closely, you’ll see that she is actually running hard. As my father-in-law was kicking the big Yamaha 400, she got very excited and starting running full speed circles around him, barking and biting at the rear tire occasionally. I just happened to be clicking the shot right as she ran in front of the camera.