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2007 RABEFL Rules

Note - Playoff Format and Payouts will not be finalized until after the draft.

Draft Notes
1. Draft order will be determined by random drawing on the night of the draft.
2. 12 players per team will be drafted. The remaining 2 can be aquired through the waiver draft for no charge.
3. Draft order for the first two weeks of waiver picks is based on draft pick. See waiver rules for Week 3 on.
Week 1 - ...,10,9,8,7...
Week 2 - 1,2,3,4...

			Team Organization
Team names are limited to 35 letters or less. Each team will have 14 roster positions.
Eight roster positions will be active per game. They must consist of the following:
	(1)  Quarterback
	(2)  Running Backs  
	(2)  Wide Receivers
	(1)  Tight End  
	(1)  Kicker
	(1)  Coach

Home Field
Each game, the team with the Home Field Advantage gets 1 point added to their team score.

Passing Points
	Touchdown		4 points
	2 Point Conversion	1 point
Game total passing  yardage bonuses:
  Get points by dividing yards by 75. 
  Bonus starts at 75 yards
	75-149            1 point
	150-224           2 points
	225-299           3 points
	300-375           4 points
	and so on

Running Points
	Touchdown	  	 6 points
	2 Point Conversion	 2 points
Game total running  yardage bonuses:
  Calculate points by dividing yards by 25. 
  Bonus starts at 25 yards
        25-49     1 point
        50-74     2 points		
        75-99     3 points
        100-124   4 points
        and so on

Receiving Points
	Touchdown	  	 6 points
	2 Point Conversion	 2 points
Game total receiving  yardage bonuses:
  Calculate points by dividing yards by 20. 
  Bonus starts at 40 yards
        40-59     2 points		
        60-79     3 points
        80-99     4 points
        100-119   5 points
        and so on

Turnover Points
        Interceptions            -1 point
        Fumbles                  -1 point
        Fumbled Recovered for TD  6 points  

Place Kicker
        Kicker gets extra point                  1 point
        Kicker gets field goal 1-49 yards        3 points
        Kicker gets field goal 50+ yards         5 points

        Road Win                                 1 points
        Home Loss                               -1 points

During the regular season, to break a game tie, the owners can either settle it with a knife fight 
or use the Reserve Roster Rules, which ever is agreed upon by both teams. Using Reserve Roster Rules,
the highest scoring player from each bench is used. If they tie, it goes to the second highest on each 
bench, on so on. If still a tie, the knife fight will be the only way the game won't be scored a tie.

During the playoffs, Reserve Roster Rules are automatically in effect. If still a tie, the only way to
break the tie is two 3-minute rounds of bare-knuckle boxing, a one-on-one downhill mountain bike race, or
Playoff Tie Rules, which ever is agreed upon by both teams. Using Playoff Tie Rules, the two players with 
the most cumulative points on each team will have their total points used to break the tie. If still a tie,
top 3 players, then 4, and so on.

In either case, alternate player's points are used only to break ties and do not count towards the total

The tie breakers for the regular season standings go in the following order:
	1.  Record vs opponent.
	2.  Divisional record.
	3.  Total points.
	4.  Coin flip or what ever game of random chance both owners agree to.

In case there is a three way tie and no one team has the tie-breaker over 
the other two, The following complicated formula will be used to break the
tie: (each team means each team that is involved in the tie)

   6*(Each team you've beaten head to head) 
+  3*(Each team you split with)
+  4*(Each team that you have a better division record than)
+  2*(Each team that you have the same division record as) 
+  (Total Points / 100)

1. If your roster is not called in by the deadline, the roster from the previous week will be used.  
2. Trading is permitted all season. Trade can only take place if neither team has been eliminated yet. 
3. All trades must be approved by the commissioner or put to a vote. 
4. Once you trade away a player, you cannot re-acquire that player until at least 4 weeks later. 
5. Waiver moves, except as noted below, end the last week of the regular season. 
6. Waiver pick  order is based on points against the previous week. The team that had the most points
   scored against them gets the first pick. 

Waiver picks will be allowed during the play-offs to replace players that are
injured based on the following rules:
1. No trades.
2. Player dropped must be on NFLIR or listed as out, doubtful, or questionable.
3. Player picked up must be same position as player dropped.
4. Players dropped are out for the season. (cannot be picked up by anyone later)
5. Draft order is based on final regular season standings and points.

Note - Playoff Format and Payouts are subject to change based on how many teams end up drafting.
Regular season
Divisional 1st place             10 Points
Full Season Total Points         10 Points

Souper Bowl Winner               30 Points
Souper Bowl Loser                13 Points
Third Place                       9 Points 
Consolation Bowl Winner           8 Points
The Championship bracket will consist of the three division winners (seeded 1,2,3) and the next five
higest seeded teams. In case of a tie, the tiebreakers will be (in this order) head to head record,
then total points.

Week 14
Championship Bracket, Souper Bowl Quarter-Finals
Game 1		8 Seed at 1 Seed
Game 2 		5 Seed at 4 Seed
Game 3		6 Seed at 3 Seed
Game 4		7 Seed at 2 Seed
Consolation Bracket
4 bottom rung teams play meaningless (except points) exhibition games

Week 15
Championship Bracket, Souper Bowl Semi-Finals
Game 5 		Game 1 Winner vs Game 2 Winner
Game 6		Game 3 Winner vs Game 4 Winner
Consolation Bracket, Toilet Bowl Quarter-Finals
Game 7		9 Seed at Game 1 Loser
Game 8		10 Seed at Game 4 Loser
Game 9		11 Seed at Game 3 Loser
Game 10		12 Seed at Game 2 Loser

Week 16
Championship Bracket	
Super Bowl	Semi-Final winners face off for the championship
Third Place 	Semi-Final losers go for some cash
Consolation Bracket,Toilet Bowl Semi-Finals
Game 11         Game 7 Winner vs Game 8 Winner
Game 12         Game 9 Winner vs Game 10 Winner

Week 17                            
Consolation Bracket
Consolation Bowl	Semi-Final winners try to salvage some dignity

Waiver Moves:	Noon Thursday 
Trades:		Up to Game Time
Rosters:	Game Time of the game each player is playing in.
Entry Fee - 60   Waiver Additions - 2   Trades - 0


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