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These are the ruins of the RABEFL football site, forever frozen in time at 2007, the year the league owners skipped town, leaving a mountain of debt to marketing consulting compaines, interior decorators, and other business that don't deserve to be paid anyway.


Santas leave Nuns a Lump of Coal
League in turmoil as season ends

The Toilet Bowl featured two decent line-ups for Week 17 and a regular-season-sucking Anorexic Santas taking a popular win, but all people could talk about was the startling announcements coming out of the RABEFL Headquarters. After 15 years, MXB Productions announced that they will no longer run the Commissioner Department and are abandoning the league to the corporate equivalent of a basket in a reed patch.

ďItís been a lot of fun running the league over the yearsĒ, speaking non-sarcastically for perhaps the first time, ďbut a lot of the fun was getting together for the games and that has disappeared almost completely. Iíve felt like Iíve been phoning it in the last few years, and this year, I really had the feeling that others had as well. I like changing things up and I get the feeling most of the owners just want things to stay the same, so it seemed like a good time to move on. Iíll help Rick get started if he still wants to run it next year, but otherwise Iím done.Ē

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The History and Owner Career Stats pages have been updated through the end of the League.


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