Edina Crew - Samantha, Scout and Smitty
2000 - 2019
Samantha, Scout, and Smitty, The Edina Crew as I posthumously named them, lived with their human friends for a total of nearly 20 years. They are preceded in death by nieces and nephews Lito, Scully, Boomer, Linus, Lucy, Chessy, Ritchie, Monnie, and Tigger. Survived by Stowy and Maico.

They were never our pets, but we knew them for their entire lives, and when we moved to Arizona, during those first 7 years, they were our one-week-a-year-or-so, Minnesota-based, non-human housemates.

Young Samantha posing on the bed, furniture that she would become very well acquainted with.

The classic, cat-napping with Scout, photo.

Smitty, standing still long enough for me to get an in-focus photo.

They grew old together. Smitty, the feisty Maltese, was 16 years of cuteness. Scout, who arrived as a red-haired kitten, lived there for 18 years. Samantha, the beautiful, sometimes aloof, Calico, was the only vicenarian, 20 years for the big girl.

Samantha, Sam as she was known by, arrived as an adult at 2000. She was the first furry inhabitant of the household.

The classic Calico. Look at those colors!

Sam had a healthy appetite.

Hanging out on the bunky.

Stuck to the carpeted wall. Static electricity gone extreme.

Scout, was a kitten when he arrived in Edina about a year later.

Sam grudgingly acts as a mother towards the adolescent Scout.

The iconic Baby in Sink photo with a feline twist.

Scout and Sam often took in the world from their spot on the floor.

Scout could relax with the best of them.

Smitty was the first and only dog, arriving in a household with 2 cats. When he was young, and maybe into middle-aged for that matter, whenever I first came over, if I looked him straight in the eyes, he would immediately start barking. I learned to look away and just sort of see him with my peripheral vision. After many years, and many hours being around him, he finally got used to me, and would greet me at the door in a friendly manner.

I always had a hard time getting pictures of Smitty because he moved so fast and didn’t like the camera pointed at him.

This was a more typical result of my photography efforts.

“Seamus” all dressed up for St Patrick’s Day? Halloween? New Year’s?

I could find no pictures of all three of them resting near each other.
The Cats, Sam and Scout were lifelong buddies. Smitty was always the Canine outsider, but like any dog, strongly preferred the company of humans to cats anyway.