The Valiant Women
Wonder Mom

Where can a man find a top-notch wife? She is worth her weight in gold.

Her husband doesn't have to worry about her bouncing a check. She's got their money invested in an IRA.

She makes life a pleasure for her husband.

She looks for bargains at Fabric World and sews all her own clothes.

She drives from one end of town to the other to get the best prices on groceries.

She gets up every morning at the crack of dawn and makes breakfast for her children.

She checks out Consumer Report to find the best computer. She buys a fax machine with the extra cash she's earned.

She works out at the Health Club everyday and keeps herself in good shape.

She stays up late at night working on her latest business transaction.

She can cross stitch, embroider, quilt, knit and crochet.

She gives generously to the S.B.C. Hunger Relief Fund and the local homeless shelter.

She makes sure all of her children have hats and mittens before the first snowfall.

Her house could qualify for the cover of House Beautiful and she could pose for Vogue Magazine.

He husband was voted Rotarian of the year.

She has an ample supply of handicrafts to sell at the church Christmas boutique.

She has a quiet strength and dignity about her. She doesn't worry about the future.

She's a wise woman who always has something kind to say about other people.

She keeps track of all of her family's activities. She doesn't sit around the house and do nothing all day.

He children tell their friends she's the best. Her husband brags on her too.

"There are a lot of other good women in this town but you're the best."

Beauty is only skin deep and charm isn't all it's cracked up to be. But a godly woman deserves to be honored.

Make sure she gets everything she deserves and her good reputation will precede her.


Proverbs 31:10-31 paraphrased by her daughter, Mary.