Mary Agnes Chase Photo page
Photos primarily supplied by Wolfe, Wolfe, & Daughter Photography

1930s - I’m not sure what the photographer did to be threatened with harm. In order from youngest to oldest; Tom, Bob, Mary Agnes, Leo, and Ed.

1949 - I like this one because it is the only photo I could find that that has my mother, and both her parents. As an added bonus, it also has her brother Tom, and her brother Leo with his new bride, Nola.

1969 – The family visiting Leo and Nola, and family, at Coulee Dam.

1969 – Lined up on the same bench with her brothers Ed, left, and Leo.

1977 – Earl and Mary Agnes visiting her brother, Leo in Santa Fe.

1985 – This is the first time all 4 of them had been together for nearly 40 years. All made it out to the Montevideo school reunion.

1995 – An unofficial Wolfe family reunion after Bob and Steph’s wedding. If anyone has image enhancing software, feel free to use it on this photograph.