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Welcome to the web site, launched in early 2017. This web site combines a few of my interests, rocking out, hiking in Arizona, and motocross racing. Much of the motorcycle content used to be on the one-time web sensation, Continuing in that tradition, there are no ads, no music that plays when you donít want it to, and a rather eclectic set of pages.

Motorcycle Tributes and Statistics      Updated AMA All Time lists as of the end of the 2017 MX season
Features the Minnesota Motorcycle Racing Hall of Fame, a tribute to the many talented professional motorcycle racers from the state where I did most of my own racing, Minnesota. Also has the All-Time win and championship lists for AMA Motocross and Supercross.

Tall Tales
Stories of days gone by, essentially about motorcycling, but taking rather oblique angles into the mind of the author, a person who will often start referring to himself in the third person.

In Memory
A home for the memories of people that Iíve known and cared about who are no longer with us.

My Band Page
This is the place where the detailed, multi-media, heavily followed, page for my current and former bands will be housed. For now, itís just a link to my infrequently updated, slightly out-of-date, Reverb Nation page.

Trails / Hiking   Most Recent Update: Added Olympic,WA and Mesa Verde,CO National Parks
This is a central location for my hiking photo-journals, and photos from national parks. Iím experimenting with photo viewers, so youíll see different styles depending on which page you go to.

What many would call "Legacy" sections of the site
Incorrect Lyrics
These are primarily parody lyrics for other songs, a hobby I had since Mad Magazine would do it way back when. I stopped adding to this when I started trying to make music myself. Disclaimer: Lyrics were harmed in the making of these pages. Classic
For those who want to get a glimpse of the glory days, or to read old race stories from the 2000s, this section of the site is a preservation of that important history. The content having to do with Minnesota Amateur Motorcycle racing stopped being current in 2010. Archive
The author ran a fantasy football league from 1993-2007, the first several years pre-dated all the fancy tools currently available. The ďfantasyĒ part was taken to the next level, with the game reports often including stories of angry players on the bench, fighting mascots, fake quotes from team owners, and fictional home fields. Sadly, only the last 4 years of those stories live on, but the year-by-year history, and the lifetime stats for every RABEFL team owner, are there for the 17 people who may care.